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"Dave is an extremely committed and insightful career coach … real-world experience as a leader in a variety of companies, giving him a unique perspective on how to navigate through corporate America … so impressed how you always understand each issue at hand."

(VP, Fortune 50 Company)

"Dave's approach to coaching is successful because he is a caring, non-judgmental person who inspires you to look within for your own answers and fulfillment. I personally was reluctant to seek coaching for fear of feeling vulnerable and exposed. But with Dave's guidance, I have been able to articulate a vision for myself that has been life changing."

(Business Manager, Consumer Products Company)

"…truly genuine and natural ability to insightfully assist an individual and discover tailor-made solutions that bring about changes that benefit everyone in their circle of influence."

(Member, Board of Commissioners, Non-Profit Organization)

"As an executive coach, Dave is 'par excellence.' He led our senior executive team through a major 3-day strategy session and provided follow-up coaching to ensure success. His global experience … gives him an insight that typical executive coaches can't provide."

(VP, 3PL Company)

Dave Armstrong


Optimizing Human Capital to Achieve Breakthrough Results

Dave Armstrong is a uniquely qualified Executive Coach who is best known for his success in facilitating positive change and organizational transformation. Using a strong and laser-focused coaching style, Dave has fostered the development of people-centric organizations that consistently achieve the highest levels of performance. He knows that an organization's most-valuable asset is its human capital and he is committed to building, strengthening and leveraging that asset to achieve unprecedented performance and results.

Dave melds his Columbia University Executive Coaching Certification with his 20+ years of experience as a Senior Operating & Business Executive to deliver formidable and measurable change. The challenges he met, opportunities he captured and results he delivered with Frito Lay, Colgate Palmolive and Diageo, reflect his innate abilities to develop human potential, drive positive action, and deliver double-digit gains in productivity, efficiency, cost savings, revenue and bottom-line profitability.

Influential Leadership

Through his corporate experiences, Dave has demonstrated his ability to redefine an organization's culture and reinvent itself to meet changing marketplace, customer and operating demands. Combine that experience with a coaching style that is rooted in influential leadership and decisive action, and you get a coach who inspires trust and cooperation from business leaders, top executives, colleagues and employees around the world.

Characterized by others as a genuine and credible business leader and coach, Dave is passionate, energetic and perceptive. He has been, and continues to be, successful in creating inclusive and engaging work environments that reward innovation, intelligence, teamwork and contribution.

Professional Coaching Credentials:

  • Columbia University Executive Coaching Certification / MBA Degree
  • New York University, Professor; Department of Leadership
    and Human Capital Management
  • Myers Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) Certification
  • Development Dimensions International (DDI) Interaction Management Certification
  • High-Performance Team Development Certification
  • Creative Problem Solving Certification

476 Brewster Street, Black Rock, CT 06605 Office: 203.362.0252